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Pacers - 2023

We at bSafal Half Marathon Amdavad always strive to make your marathon experience rich and fulfilling. We are bringing to you "pace setter" also known as "pacers" or "pacing bus" for Half marathon and 10km race.

Who is a pace setter? He/she is an experienced runner, also called "bus" whose pacing is calibrated in such a fashion as to reasonably predict a stipulated finishing time. So if you run along with this runner and pace along with him/her, there is a high chance of a targeted finish. A word of caution: your finishing time depends solely on your fitness and training. A pacer can only help and support you pace better. Remember, in running, just like in life- there are no guarantees!

How to spot the pacer? On the race day, at the hold area these pacers will be marked by a flag- a marker so that you can identify them easily.

Do I need to register with them? It's a free ticket to join them # just let them know in advance so they can get to know you better.

Happy racing!

Pace Setters - Half Marathon

Raja MarutRaja Marut

Raja Marut - Barefoot Raja (2 Hours)

Please find below Pacing strategy for 2Hrs Bus.

We do each km at 5:40 pace (+/-) 2 Sec/Km and hit finish in 1:59:32 (+/- 7) Sec/Km

Below is our time at different km markers

  1. 3 km - 17 min
  2. 6 km - 34 min
  3. 9 km - 51 min
  4. 10 km - 56:40
  5. 12 km - 1:08
  6. 15 km - 1:25
  7. 18 km - 1:42
  8. 20 km - 1:53:20
  9. 21 km - 1:59
  10. 21.1 km - 1:59:32

Based on deviation recorded between Garmin and actual distance, the pace will be adjusted.

In incase of a flyover, we will run slower and walk for a few seconds without affecting the overall timing of that km split.

This above indicates the overall trend of pacing by and large and not exact.

On some Hydration stations, we will slow down a bit to enable you to pick up.

Yogesh KarelYogesh Karel

Yogesh Karel (2 Hours)

I was always an outgoing person and played many sports (cricket being the obvious chocie) at various levels since childhood. Fantasized after meeting Milind Soman at Pinkathon 2016 Ahmedabad and concerned over ever increasing weight, I decided to give running a try and started with small distances such as 5k. My weight loss journey transformed me into an amateur triathlete (and the news that Milind Soman is an Ironman).

I am an Ironman 70.3 triathlete with multiple Half Ironman 70.3 finishes including first edition of Ironman Goa 70.3 , 2019. I also have done many Olympic , Sprint distance triathlons and more than 70 HMs (several of them being Sub2) and my PB for HM is 1:49.

I will be pacing 2 hr bus for Bsafal Marathon 2023 and my pacing strategy will be positive split wherein we cover first 11 kms at 5:30 - 5:35 pace (i.e. 1 hr 2 mins) and next 10 kms at 5:35 - 5:40 pace ( i.e. 57 mins) so finishing in 1:59.

In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.

Lets Roll!

JP SharmaJP Sharma

JP Sharma (2 Hours 15 Mins)

I am running since 2017 without any injury. I like to run in group and get more people into running to run long and live strong.

My Running Best Efforts :

  • 5K @ 22:17
  • 10K @ 45:29
  • HM @ 1:43:41
  • FM @ 3:44: 17
  • PB Distance : 100KM

My Pacing Strategy for Half Marathon @ 2:15 hours

Average Pace @ 6:24

Run on steady pace with adequate hydration and photo breaks.

  • 1km : 6:35
  • 2km : 6:30
  • 3km : 6:30
  • 4km : 6:30
  • 5km : 6:30
  • 6km : 6:20
  • 7km : 6:20
  • 8km : 6:20
  • 9km : 6:20
  • 10km : 6:20
  • 11km : 6:20
  • 12km : 6:20
  • 13km : 6:3205
  • 14km : 6:20
  • 15km : 6:20
  • 16km : 6:20
  • 17km : 6:25
  • 18km : 6:25
  • 19km : 6:20
  • 20km : 6:20
  • 21km : 6:10
  • 0.0975km : 0:30
Kunjal KothariKunjal Kothari

Kunjal Kothari (2 Hours 15 Mins)

Dear Runners,

Let me start by being really honest: as an obese child in school, I detested running. I start lifting weights and doing strength training, but I soon realise that the only way to lose the additional pounds and get in shape is through cardio. My running career officially began in 2016 when I signed up for the 10 km B Safal Half Marathon.

Following that, I took part in numerous running competitions, and eventually it just seemed like a good idea. Now, I consider running a lifelong choice to maintain a healthy body and mind. My personal best HM time 2hours and 1 minute was achieved in the simulated HM at Delhi Ageas Federal. My first Full Marathon, which I completed this year in the Adani Marathon in 4 hours and 41 minutes, is my greatest running achievement.

I want to encourage and assist everyone who is just starting out in running since I don't think I would have succeeded without my mentors. I'll pace your work so that you may complete your HM in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It will be steadily paced with strong finish. First 10kms in 63 mins,next 5kms in 32minutes and last 6.1kms in 41minutes. I have chosen a sustainable running schedule to enable each of you to break your personal best. I would live by the motto "PLAN, EXCUTE, ENJOY." Come with me as we achieve our goals together!

Thanking you.

Meit VakilMeit Vakil

Meit Vakil (2 Hours 30 Mins)

Dear Friends and Runners ,

I am a sportsman by passion, fitness enthusiast by choice and an difference maker by occupation .

Having represented Gujarat basketball team multiple times and having played competitive club cricket for many years , my attitude gives me an edge to face failures and eventually achieve goals.

My running journey started after joining the most vibrant running club ADR. I train under the organiser and legend Lihas Trivedi sir and his younger brother Jesal Trivedi sir where i am pursuing Calisthenics and also training for Triathlon.

Recently I finished HM at AAM in 1 hr 55 mins during Nov 2022 AAM.

I will be pacing for you for a 2hr30min finish in Bsafal HM on 29th Jan 2023 . It is a very achievable target and we will do so with a smile on our face and finish strong . We will be running in even splits by breaking the run into 10km portions and finishing each 10k in 70-71 mins, leaving us 7 mins for last 1.12kms. Let s do this guys

Navin PahwaNavin Pahwa

Navin Pahwa (2 Hours 30 Mins)

I am Navin Pahwa, a Sr Advoacate practicising in High Court. I am a passionate runner and will be fortunate to pace you all to finish Half Marathon (21.097 km) at BSafal Marathon within 2 hours 30 Minutes along with my pacing partner Mr. Meit Vakil.

The course where we will be running is more or less flat with few twists and turns to negotiate. We expect weather to be excellent on race day which will help you all to finish well.

My racing strategy is very simple. we shall run first half of the race little faster to take advantage of the early morning weather.

Our average pace for the race shall be around 7 Minutes 4 Seconds per Kilometre and roughly we should hit below time at milestone Kilometres.

  • 5 Km = 35 Min (avg pace of @7 Min per Km)
  • 10 Km = 1 Hour 10 Min (avg. pace of @ 7 Min per Km)
  • 15 Km = 1 Hour 45 Min (avg. pace of @ 7 Min 2 Sec per km)
  • 18 Km = 2 Hours 7 Min (avg pace of @ 7 Min 3 Sec per km)
  • 20 km = 2 Hours 21 Min (avg pace of @ 7 Min 4 Sec per km)

While as pacer, we shall be keeping a check on the above timing, I am sure some of you will take the lead to also help me in remembering the time so that we can make necessary correction on our pace before we hit the next milestone.

Since it is my responsibility to take you to the finish line within 2 Hrs 30 Min, I would request you to relax when you come for the race and put your complete faith on me and my fellow pacer. Some of you runners will be doing good and running strong and at around 16-18 Km we shall identify you and tell you to push ahead so that you get a better finish timing. Two things which you need to ensure is, the week building up to the race, avoid outside food and secondly, keep yourself hydrated well during the race with water, energy drinks and fruits which shall be available on the course.

On race day try to reach 30-45 Min before the race starts and locate me so that we can do some quick intro followed by some warmup necessary to be ready for the race.

Looking forward to meeting you on Race day!

Chirag BhavsarChirag Bhavsar

Chirag Bhavsary (2 Hours 45 Mins)

I'm Your Pacer Chirag Bhavsar - A Road Constructor, Who is A Road Runner Too!!!

I started My Running Journey in 2018 to shred a Few Kilos & Yes, I Lost Many till now &Gained Many Running Buddies as a by-product along with Fitness!!! I've logged many 10KMs & HMs with ADR - Amdavad Distance Runners. My PB 10KM Timing is 55 Mins & PB Timing for HM is 2:08 Hours. I've One Duathlon Race in My Pouch, organised by LS Sports. LS Sports is Best in Organising Running & Multi Sports Events & You know what - B|SAFAL Marathon Amdavad is their Marquee Event!!!

As you are all aware, B|SAFAL Marathon Amdavad is being held on 29.01.2023, after almost 3 Years due to the Pandemic and it's the 8th season. I'm Connected with B|SAFAL Marathon Amdavad emotionally, as in 2018, I Ran My 1st Official HM around 2:45 Hours and it is The Same Slot in which I'm Pacing in B|SAFAL Marathon Amdavad 2023!!! Yes, I'm Driver & Host of 2:45 Hours HM Bus, The Bus for the 1st Timers as well as For Those Experienced Runners, Who wanna attain A New PB Timing!!!

We'll Start at a Slightly Higher pace upon Flag Off and Cruise Steadily in the Middle. We'll Enjoy our Small Hydration Breaks, Wave Hands & Thanks Volunteer there!!! We'll Pose for Cameras with Style & Smile on the way!!! We'll Dance at the Music Stations & Enjoy the Beats of Dhol Wala's at every Point!!! And Finally, We Will Finish HM with High at Energy, and with Smiling Faces, We'll Cross The Finish Line!!!

बुलंद कर हौसले को, बस तू जुड़ मेरे साथ, कारवां तो बना ही लेंगे, छुएंगे मजिल एक साथ।

Interested Runners of B|SAFAL Marathon can Connect with Me via WhatsApp, by joining via Invite Link, where we'll Discuss everything about HM Run on 29.01.2023!!!

Mohini BundelaMohini Bundela

Mohini Bundela (2 Hours 45 Mins)

I am Mohini Bundela, I have been into running since 5 years, I completed a full marathon and got a podium in the Ahmedabad marathon 2021 in the local category.

My PB for the half marathon is 2 Hour 5 minutes, I have done pacing multiple times in the past, I am going to pace 2 Hour 45 minutes in 8th edition of Bsafal marathon.

My pacing strategy will be first 10 kms in 7:15 sec, next 5 kms will be in 7:30 sec and last 6.1 kms in 7:45 sec.

I Will be happy to help runners to achieve their 2 Hour 45 minutes target with ease.""

Pace Setters - 10 KM RUN

Floyd MudaliarFloyd Mudaliar

Floyd Mudaliar (60 Mins)

Hello Everyone!

I am Floyd M. who will be pacing you to finish 10KM run at Bsafal in around 60 Min!

Since we shall be working as a TEAM, its important you all should know about me a wee bit. I am working for an MNC in Ahmedabad and passionate about Running and Cycling. I was an athlete during my early growing years and was into serious Road Skating where I excelled and was fortunate to represent my state and country. These days I am continuing my fitness journey by doing running and cycling and have recently got my Personal Best in Half Marathon at Adani Marathon by clocking 1 Hr 58 Minutes.

So that’s about me, we will know each other more when we run together, although I would be doing the maximum talking as you need to preserve your energy as much as possible.

Since the route for the event is completely flat and a loop of 10 KM, we shall try to remain at a steady pace of 6 Min per KM for almost the entire distance and up the pace little towards the end if required to complete within the time. I expect some of you to take the opportunity to support me so that we hit the below milestones on time –

  • 3 Km – around 18 Min
  • 5 Km – around 30 Min
  • 8 Km around 48 Min and
  • 10 Km 30 Sec + / - of 60 Min.

Since we shall be working as a team, all who wants to join me please reach 30-45 Min before the race and locate me. We will be doing warmups of around 10 -12 minutes so that we are all geared up to take up the exciting challenge! During the run we need to ensure everyone is hydrated well at all aid stations. W will have a 20 Sec halt at an aid station close to 5 Km mark, this lost time we shall make up in the next km.

Finally, what is more important is, you need to TRUST ME AND MY PARTNER SAGAR DUTTA TO THE CORE and follow my instructions as we move ahead. If I feel any of you runner can finish faster, I shall ask you to push ahead at around 6-7 Km mark so that you get a better finishing time, tell then I will request you to hold on.

See you all on the race day or before so that your questions I will try to answer.

Best wishes for a great preparation and looking forward to pacing you to the finish line.

Sagar Dutta Sagar Dutta

Sagar Dutta (60 Mins)

I am a regular runner and have done several Half Marathons & 10k’s. I am happy to take up the role of Pacer for the prestigious BSafal Marathon 2023 which is in 8th edition.

Please find Pace Strategy for Sub 60 10KM as below.

  • First 2K 5:55
  • Next 4K 5:50/KM
  • Hydration break 20 seconds
  • Next 4K 5:55 /KM

Total Time 59 Minutes 20 Seconds. Extra Twenty Seconds If some needed Hydration break after 8 KM.

I will keep 20 Seconds Extra to Follow up with Fellow Runners.

I will make sure the one who starts with me finishes with me if you follow my strategy right from today.

See you all aspiring runners who are looking vto finish under 60 min at BSafal Marathon.

Pravin MundraPravin Mundra

Pravin Mundra (75 Mins)

I started Running in 3 Years back i started my Running for Fitness and weightloss and Journey is still on till now i loose 13kg

Brief about my Running History and achivement my Personal Best for 5k - 26:17min, 10K - 54:3min, Half Marathon: 2:09:01Hrs.

I'll be a Pacer for 10KM in 75 Min, for some runners, on race day is about reaching their goals, for others, it’s about crossing the finish line for the first time. For race pacers, it’s about making sure you reach whatever goal you set for that pace group.

Running 10k in 75 minutes is challenging but is also a very doable goal for all new runners.

10k In 75 Minutes Pace

To run 10k in 75 minutes, you will need to run 7:30 per kilometer. This means a 75-minute 10k pace is 7 minutes and 30 seconds) However, since most people looking to run 10k in 75 minutes want to break 75 minutes as a barrier (running 73:00 or faster), you might want to aim to run the race at an 7:30 per km pace. This will give you a tiny buffer to come in under 75 minutes.

How To Run 10k In 75 Minutes

Running 10k in 75 minutes is an appropriate goal if you’ve run a 10k around 80 minutes or faster. If you have yet to run fairly close to this time, you might want to start with running a 10k under 80 minutes. If this is your first 10k, you should be able to run a 5k in 35 minutes or so. You should also be able to run one km in 7:00 minutes (or at least one kilometer in 6:45 minutes, though preferable 2-3), as this will be your race pace for 10k in 75 minutes.

Lastly to say "Always Listen to your Body"

Rupsy KarelRupsy Karel

Rupsy Karel (75 Min)

Three months after giving birth to my son through C-section in 2015, I started running small distances on a home treadmill. However soon, my commitment to losing pregnancy weight transformed into a love for running. And that’s when I decided to give running a further push. I started running in 10k categories within a few weeks and in a very short span of time, I was adjudged top 10 best female runners in Gujarat Diwas 7k run.

My commitment, discipline and focus kept on increasing towards the sport and so was the distance hence joined ADR since 2018. I leapt high on spirit and took Half Marathons as my race category. My best time in Half Marathon is 2 hours and 14 minutes. And in Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2021, I secured a podium finish in the local category. I have run the longest distance of 33 km in the Chambal Challenge 2020 held at Kota, Rajasthan and participated in various prestigious running events across India and won several podium awards. My PB for 10 KM is 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

My strategy for 75 min pacing of 10 KM will be to run at a steady pace, the first 5 KM in 37 minutes and then the next 5 KMs in 38 mins.

Dhara PatelDhara Patel

Dhara Patel (90 Mins)

"Dhara Patel is basically a Corporate Professional! Runner by Passion! Zumba girl by Heart! Yogini by Soul!

I started my fitness journey back in 2018 as a runner, by participating in a half marathon at AAM and then I have never looked back. My journey from super Fat to Fit has been amazing and very special to me as I have always been a self-motivated and self-inspiring person.

I have completed numbers of half marathons, two full marathons and three ultra-marathons, including recently done and dusted The Border Hell Race 2022, 50KMs.

I will be pacing 10km in 90 minutes in BSafal Marathon 8th edition. My personal best time for 10 km is 70 mins, Well I must say that there is no doubt that 10km is a popular running target for most participants especially for the beginners. I heartily invite and welcome all the 10 km participants and will be happier to help all to achieve the target of 10 km in 90 minutes with super fun and amazing clicks ( we will do first 5 KM in 44 mins and next 5 km is 45 mins). Let’s rock together my runners’ tribe."

Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel

Vatsal Patel (90 Mins)

I am Runner, Triathlete & Cyclist Running is my passion. It makes me feel strong and gives me happiness. It's very good Medicine to release my Stress. I have been fortunate to make many new friends too. My Running journey started in January 2011 with a Dream Run and have completed numerous 10k runs, Half Marathons, Ultra Runs, Trail Runs & Triathlons in this Journey. I have also Completed 365 Days of Running Challenge and Run 2000 Kms In 2018-19. I started Pacing in 10 Kms Runs from 2019.

I am pacing in the category of 10k in this 8th edition of B-Safal Marathon and shall help you complete the run in 90 mins (1hour 30mins). I shall be by your side to support you, not only to complete your run but help you achieve your personal best time ( we will do first 5 KM at 8:45 mins pace average and last 5 KM at 9 mins pace average). Believe me, if you set your mind to do it, you will be able to complete your run-in time. Take it up as a challenge for yourself, it doesn't matter what the result is. If you are interested in finishing your run in 90 mins (1hour 30 mins) then look for the 90 min pacer flag and join the bus. We will ensure that you cross the finish line with PB.