Rules & Regulations


I am voluntarily participating in an LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. Event (BSafal Marathon Amdavad,2023) with complete knowledge of the associated risks, and I agree to accept responsibility for all risks of injury. I also acknowledge that LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. does not offer formal training program for this race. By signing this Waiver and Release, I declare that I am medically able, properly trained, physically fit and capable of participating in a race, and that my medical care provider has approved my participation. I agree to independently consult my physician in the event of any injuries or medical questions arising from or related to my participation in the BSafal Marathon Amdavad,2023 (LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. Event).I also acknowledge full and sole responsibility for my own medical expenses and that I am responsible for any and all medical expenses on my behalf. In consideration for being permitted to participate in the BSafal Marathon Amdavad,2023 (an LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. Event) I agree to assume all risks and to release and hold harmless to the LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. Team. I understand and agree that this Waiver and Release is binding upon our heirs, assigns, and legal representatives. I hereby grant my consent and permission to BSafal Marathon Amdavad,2023( LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. Event), its Partner organizations, and employees to use any and all information submitted in my application, and/or my name, photograph, videotape, motion picture recording, voice or likeness for any purpose, including pre-race and post-race publicity.

I/We have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents. By signing this waiver, I/ We have indicated that I/ We have read, understood and agreed to the Waiver and Release Form.

I/We understand there may be moving traffic on the road during the time of race.